Thursday, February 21, 2008

sick, lambs, goals

being sick sucks!

Especially being SINGLE and sick. No one to do my chores. No one to feed me soup or cater to my pathetic pouting :)

Being sick after a big trip driving to and from Colorado, it wore me out, stressed me out....I shouldn't be surprised that I'm sick. *Enter freaking cold weather* Not only does this make my chores a living nightmare, it takes twice as long as the water lines have to be thawed, and its just plain harder to get around when its so cold. Not enjoying one iota!

I keep thinking March is just around the corner and I can't believe only 5 weeks until lambs start. FIVE WEEKS! Only three until calves, and one until kids. Busy busy times ahead. of course I'm not ready! Between lack of snow to move, bills pilling up, the new jugs in the new pen for just the sheep haven't been built yet..with what money?

On the good side of things, I'm ready for spring, all the mud, cold soaking rains, damp pens that harbor bacteria, chilled babes in the mud, etc etc. Oh wait, that's my hate list!

I love the little new signs of life, the green grass, the first dandelion (just the first one!) and all the potential babes that I've worked hard at to get to.

I've had quite a bit of interest in the sheep and that's a good thing! I'm hoping to sell 1/2 of the lambs and pay for the fencing in of three more additional acres for them to graze on. NO plans on buying more shetlands this year, as i'm hoping to do AI this fall with some friends. I may purchase a few more BFLs as I've really taken to the two I have. I hoping to add 4-6 more depending on what happens in the mean time :)

so many goals, so little time right? so much to say and its all so mumbled.....maybe i'm sick, maybe i just talk this way :) LOL

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Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

You've been sick entirely too much this winter, Garrett. GET WELL! (That's an order. :-)

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