Thursday, October 7, 2010

Barnabas' Breeding Group

Barnabas is a 76% UK F1 Orion F2 Timothy (and greyling waaaay back) out of FirthofFifth Booto. he is a mioget katmoget that carries spots. He wasn't used last year, but will get 9 ewes this fall. Perfect horns and conformation, he also is a mellow boy. Yes he's getting a lot of katmoget ewes. I don't care about the pattern! I just want nice fleece, nice conformation! pattern is so secondary!

RiverOaks Lucy. Yes she is a proven poll carrier. However both polled rams I have are her sons, so I'm going to breed her to Barnabas in hopes of getting a Aa/Aa EWE lamb! She hasn't given me a ewe or a katmoget yet, so we'll see what shakes out.

WhitePine Sedalia. Another favorite ewe. She's hard to fault. spotted. fine fleece. stellar conformation. tame. These lambs will be terrific.

WhitePine Rush. F2 Orion white ewe. her lamb out of Jazz this year was gorgeous, so i'm going to try to get something moorit based out of her this year with Barnabas.

Sommarang Eva. minder/timothy lines. gray katmoget. conformation is awesome. Fleece is lovely. I'm hoping to make it more fine by breeding her to this ram. Hoping she carries moorit!

WhitePine Faith - krunet sokket gray katmoget. Jazz daughter. she's a huge improvement on her mom Minwawe Flopsy. Faith carries moorit and has an ultra fine fleece. Conformation is wonderful.

White Pine Naomi - fawn katmoget - Blues x Nirvana. She's more stout than her twin or mother Neriah/Nirvana, but I love her look. Another great match i think.

ShelteringPines Fleur de Lis - smirslet gray katmoget. She was bred to Holly last year and to Jazz the year before. All her lambs are just awesome. Bred to Orion lines should be wonderful.

FirthofFifth Ashegon - moorit. This feminine girl is getting bred to Barnabas in hopes of solid moorit lambs. Their body style and type is similiar and She hasn't been bred to the Orion line yet. I'm eager to see what this breeding produces.

WhitePine Centennial. gray katmoget (Jazz x Chloe). She was bred to an F2 Orion two years ago which gave me a gorgeous black ram, and last year bred to Timothy gave me a gorgeous black ewe lamb. I know she carries moorit so third times is the charm!

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