Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Leasing Option

I decided that perhaps the ewes I weren't going to use personally would benefit others. I created a 'leasing option' for several ewes that would keep the ewes on my property. I would house them and feed them for the winter. At 12 weeks of age, the lambs would be picked up by the lease person(s) and the ewes would remain in my custody, both in physical self and by pedigreed ownership.

In essence you would be buying the lambs, regardless of the sex/color/number of them. This helps other breeders out without having to buy the ewe, and you can utilize my ram stock. This also helps me as I get to see if those breedings were beneficial and can use the ewes the following year based a lot on their offspring from this leasing agreement. This also maintains my OPP/Johne's/CL/BTV free flock and doesn't introduce any new sheep.

1. ewe is bred to ram of your choice that i currently have on the farm.
2. ewe remains in my posession and I am responsible for all feed, worming, and lambing of the ewe
3. Person who leases the ewe would pay room/board AND a breeding service fee.
4. All lambs from leased ewe would be property of the person who leases the ewe.

Contact me in the next few days for more information. I'm putting most of my groups together this weekend.

1 comment:

Michelle said...

What a novel, neat idea! If I didn't have two really nice rams to use here this year, I think I'd take advantage of your option. As it is, I may have all the lambs I can handle next spring -- in one short period!

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