Thursday, October 7, 2010

Roman's breeding group

Roman is my F1 Orion yearling ram out of RYL Rachildas. He has the nicest fleece out of any of Rachildas' offspring here and he will be used on a select few girls. I'd use him much more but he IS white, and I don't want an entire white flock!

Sheltering Pines Nirvana - an Underhil Thelonius Monk daughter out of ShelteringPines Modron. Nirvana carries moorit, solid and spots. She is also horned. She's one of my favorite girls. Very improveable when bred to the Jericho lines. Conformation is spot on.

WhitePine Neriah - Nirvana's daughter out of Blues. Neriah was born spotted, not sure if she carries solid or moorit though. She was bred to Levi last year and she had a knock out ewe lamb (gray kat of course!)

WhitePine Festus - Jazz x Fleur De Lis - black krunet. She's a yearling black with great conformation. I'm hoping she carries moorit and Roman throws his moorit solid gene here too!

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