Thursday, October 14, 2010

Breeding groups in and ramblings!

Every year my lambing dates have to be around the Cardigan Welsh Corgi Club of America's National Specialty. I am usually gone for 10-12 days that include the days spent driving. This year it is in Houston Texas and I am planning on doing agility and rally with Sadie and conformation shows with Ell, Ava, Ballantyne and maybe even Brewer. But this is not a dog blog so I'll end that here :)

The BFL ram lamb Wycliffe was put in with all 10 ewes on Sunday the 10th. All of the Shetlands were put in their groups this evening after work. I of course did a few last minute additions. :)

ShelteringPines Nessebar (ShelteringPines Starry Night x ShelteringPines Morgan Le Fey) was put in with FifthofFifth Nekomis.

WhitePine Skor (FirthofFifth Telmo Don Bourbon x FirthofFifth Assam Meleng) a shaela, was put in with WhitePine Levi. Skor 'COULD' carry polled, but I really was wanting some more solid colored lambs that weren't patterned :)

Lambs 'could' start March 9th but of course give or take a few days. I'm hoping to have them in with the rams for only 29 days.

While I was sorting through the ewe lambs (over 30 of them) I found it more and more difficult to decide who stays. Some were longer legged and longer bodied. Some were shorter legged, wider and more stout. All the fleeces were great on the ewe lambs I'm retaining.

Some of the ewe lambs are too small to even consider breeding, and I hate to even think of breeding MORE than the 30+ ewes especially considering I personally don't need more than what I have ;)

But I see the fleeces on these ewe lambs and I melt. Some are very UK crimp already 3"+, others are crimpy at the base but have more tip and are already 4-5".

I'm pretty sure none of the ewe lambs will cycle early, but the desire to see results faster with these F1 ewe lambs or double F2 ewe lambs is really tempting me. And not all of the girls, but just the biggest ones.

My digital camera screen is still broken. It still takes photos but its almost like an old 35mm camera. You don't know what it looks like until you go tot he house to develop them. And trying to get a single good photo of a sheep is nearly impossible WITH a screen that works! I need to get a new camera...they keep getting better and cheaper at the same time! I need to take photos. You guys would all love what you see!

The Texel and his ewes will go in this weekend. Same for Burma and the Shetland ewes to make mules.

Enough for now!

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Rayna said...

Gah, wish you woulda said something, I would have left you my big one that I hardly use! :P

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