Friday, October 8, 2010

Nekmosis' breeding group

Nekomis is from Cynthia's farm. He is out of Jazz's twin brother Blues and Bramble Nadeen. He'll get a fair share of girls this fall as I'm really excited about using him on Jazz daughters down the road.

OwlHill Pranilla - F1 Greyling F2 Orion Gray (Ag) ewe. She carries moorit and solid and is 75% UK. She's fantastic.

FirthofFifth Rahu - Forrest daughter out of RYL Rachildas. She carries solid and is structurally on point. All her offspring are great. Her daughter this year out of Willowcroft Jamie is just breathtaking.

ShelteringPines Myra - Fawn katmoget (Sheltering Pines Starry Night x Canosia Farm May). She carries solid, modified and spots. Her offspring have been stellar. This pairing should not disappoint. Her only fault is her slighly longer tail (however still proportionate and fluke shaped)

WhitePine Salome - yuglet sokket horned black ewe. Jazz x Sheltering Pines Snow Cloud (Snowy daughter). Salome for a black really is amazing. And she's horned. And spotted. Such a diverse flock that I have.

WhitePine Terah - black. UnderTheSon Arapaho x Black Forest Tilly. Again for a black she is incredible. She carries moorit recessively. I'm hoping for solid lambs out of this pairing. Structure is awesome.

Whistlestop 0935(Xena) - white - F2 Ridland, F2 Skeld F3/F3 Jings F4 Gordon. She'll be bred to Nekomis. They are both shorter in leg but very stout animals (while still being fine boned and nimble). Excited to see what comes of this breeding.

Whistlestop 0914 (Zariah) - shaela- F2 Orion, F3 Drum Ram F3 Skeld. A super friendly, stucturally correct, larger ewe, this breeding should maybe tease out some solid lambs? Here's hoping.


Karen Valley said...

Are there any micron test results on the Whistlestop ewes?

Garrett808 said...

HI Karen! I didn't take any as I was going to show two of them at Jefferson. I could take the 4 samples now and send them in, although they would be fall tests and not spring ones.

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