Wednesday, July 11, 2007

F1 ram lambs!

My main reason for joining the Scrapie program was to take advantage of the AI program and the UK genetics. My good friends Cynthia, Karen and Meghan were doing some AI at their farms and I looked forward to seeing their results. They had a phenominal year with some superb F1 ewe lambs and ram lambs.

I am fortunate enough to be getting two F1 ram lambs. The photo provided above is of Wintertime Jazz who is a Toddhill Jericho son out of Whistlestop 0427 a black ewe whose father is Drum Ram, and grandsire is Drum Jings. With all this UK influence this puts Jazz at 87% UK, one of the highest percentages UK in the USA today. Jazz is a medium grey ram lamb with perfect katmoget markings, perfect horns and a very crimpy, intermediate fleece. Jazz had spots on his rump when he was born so we know that he will throw spots as well! His brother is going to be an emsket katmoget so he has the potential to also throw modified colors. He is a VERY EXCITING addition to my breeding program and I look forward to what his lambs will look like, over a variety of colored and patterned ewes. Stay tuned for more news!

My second F1 ram lamb, Barish, is an F1 Timothy son. He is one of the last F1's that there will be out of Timothy as all of his frozen semen is now sold and/or used. Barish has a square, solid body, with good horns and tail. His mother is Minwawe Boppitty whose mircron report came back very good, AFD 23.5, SD 6.2 and fibers over thirty microns only 13.3! Barish is a medium grey katmoget with soft, crimpy fleece. Barish also has the capability to produce emsket as he carries modified and that is something we will try and work towards with him. This fall he will be placed with a nice variety of ewes to see just what his potential will be. I'll keep you posted! A photo of him will be coming soon!


Sabrina Wille Erickson said...

Garrett, Hey, thanks for adding my blog to your links section. Wow, those F1's are going to be very exciting. Will they be at your farm by BBQ time? I'd love to see them. My breeding plan advances at a pretty slow pace, but I know I want to add Katmoget and Gulmoget in the future. So I keep my eyes open. You got LYRA! I wondered who she sold to. She had the cutest face on Peeps sale page. Hooray for you! Take care.

Garrett808 said...

Hey Sabrina! Barish will be here this coming Monday, while Jazz will not be getting here until September more than likely. So you'll be able to see at least one :) I have also gotten a few katmoget and gulmoget girls coming on monday so will have some F2 katmogets and gulmogets available next year if you are still wanting to add some of them to your flock! Yes Lyra is here, Her marking on her face keeps getting more defined as she ages, truly a beauty. You'll see for yourself if you can make it to the BBQ!

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Looks like you are rapidly growing your flock with some beautifully marked individuals! I'm happy to stay very small, but enjoy seeing everyone's else's variety.

Michelle at Boulderneigh, formerly of Perham

stephen rouse said...

They Look Awesome Garrett! Very nice genetics!


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