Tuesday, July 17, 2007

New faces at White Pine Shetlands

I decided to add some photos taken by Cynthia while they were at her house (for the time being until I can get new updated photos). The top photo is of my other F1 ram lamb, Barish. As you remember he is an F1 Timothy and Minwawe Boppitty. The second photos is of a white ewe lamb, Rahu. As she has matured she has gotten a ton of phaeo on her legs, face and neck. She is a Forrest daughther (black gulmoget F2 Roban Dillon) and RYL Rachildas who is also white (and I also purchased her). She is white and carries gulmoget so am excited for that. Her half sister is the black gulmoget girl named Tailka out of the same sire and out of a jet black ewe named FirthofFifth Twiling. Both of her parents microned around 21 or 22 AFD with very low SD. As you can tell I'm pretty excited about these youngsters. Will keep you posted!

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