Thursday, July 26, 2007


My second Cardigan, a red brindle boy I imported from Finland, Oliver, came to the rescue last night! My ram lamb Barish who is an F1 timothy from Cynthia Allen somehow missed the dinner bell and when I counted I must have counted wrong. He somehow squirmed through the cattle panels I have yet to revamp (but I did revamp their entire pasture with new fencing!) and somehow found his way to my doorstep. Oliver saw him and drove him all the way back down to the pasture, around the new fence and up onto the hill on the other side where Barish finally stopped and stood his ground. Oliver stood his ground too and wouldn't let Barish move a muscle until I got there to pick him up. This was Oliver's first REAL interest in the sheep but then again they've never been out when the dogs have been so maybe they just need to get out more so Oliver feels the need to herd?

A second brag on the Big O is that we competed officially for our first Rally Novice leg in Fargo last Sunday. We had a score of 79 so it wasn't perfect but was nonetheless entertaining!! On the final station where I asked him to do a 'moving down' he didn't know what to do for me (flustered I guess because he does know how to do those) he tried jumping up on my lap twice and then finally just jumped up and licked my nose LOL! The crowd loved it and we qualified so that's all that matters! My friends took photos so when they develop the film I will be posting them on here :)

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Nancy K. said...

Good Boy Oliver!!!!

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