Monday, July 9, 2007

A Mini Shepherd gathering happened on Sunday at Gail VonBargen's farm. Gail, myself and Mary Ellen Kelly aka "Peeps" were there. We enjoyed a few hours of sheep talk, stories and education (thanks ladies!). Gail supplied the great steaks (and they were great because they were SIMMENTAL, just like my cattle!) and the wonderful lamb brats. I tried my hand for I believe the 2nd time in my life to grill and it was 'decent' I think!

Many thanks to Peeps for entrusting your girls with me, they are so adorable and nice, thank you again! Thanks also for driving them up this far north, at least it wasn't 95 like the day before!

Gail's lambs all had grown so much since I had last seen them, when was it, May? Almost every ram lamb had beautiful horns and all lambs were friendly 'enough' and typey. Thanks Gail for the idea of us meeting at your place! Make sure Bourbon behaves himself with your boys!

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Gail V said...

Hey Garrett,
after a week in "isolation", Bourbon went to the meadow pasture to join "the big boys" tonight. You wanted to hear he'd been put in his place. . . well, I think it happened. Paired up with Minwawe Equator, those 2 were about the same size, and they spent a good deal of time posturing. The bigger boys were distracted because I threw some good alfalfa hay out there at the same moment all the guys came together. They thought that was more interesting than bashing the newcomer.
I think he'll get along just fine here, with new pals. And the girls! New Girls girls girls! Just wait till Fall!

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