Tuesday, July 17, 2007

New Ewes

RYL Rachildas is a white ewe who carries a bunch of 'secrets'. That silly white covers it all up. I decided I needed to have one white ewe in the flock and figured I should get one that will throw a bunch of interesting stuff. She has already thrown a bersugget, whites and also black so there is a ton of potential with her. She is being bred to a F1 Skeld son this fall.

Bono Creek Lavender Brown is a dark fawn with a lot of potential. She has bred many fine lambs for Cynthia and that was the only reason I was able to 'steal' her away from her :) She will be bred to Jazz this fall.

Justalit'l Chloe is a fawn katmoget (homozygous for katmoget too) out of Underhill Bartok who is an F1 Minder son. Chloe was bred to Toddhill Jericho this year and had two amazing lambs. She will be bred to Jazz (an F1 Todhill Jericho son) in hopes of repeating this great breeding.

RYL Corild is a black primitive fleeced ewe that is out of the Blackfeather Duncan (son of Wind River Mackenzie). She is now five years old and just starting to show iset in her flank area. I'd say at five that that is ok. Better than on a lamb fleece! She is going to be bred to Jazz as well in hopes of 'improving' the fleece, while maintaing that jet black fleece.

PiLo is a gorgeous grey katmoget whose father is V Creek Silver. On her mother's side, her grandsire is Bramble Conner a very gorgeous white ram. She microned with a 24.1 AFD, 6 SD, 24.1 CV and fibers over thirty only 18. I'm very excited to have her joining the flock.

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Nancy K. said...

What a gorgeous flock you are assembling Garrett! How many sheep do you have now?

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