Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Thanks Peeps!

These two photos show Minwawe Lyra, a black smirslet, sokket, bronget from Peeps. The first photo is of her as a baby, the second is one when she is about 6 weeks old. Now at 10 weeks old she is very beautiful and I cannot wait to see what her fleece test is when I send it in this fall! She will be bred to my new F1 ram I will talk about in the next post.

These two photos show Minwawe Skippy as a baby who was moorit and now has modified into a nice looking fawn girl. She is also very feminine and am anxious to see her develop more as she grows up!

Here we have Minwawe Slipper. She is a smirslet with two 'anklets' instead of sokkets ha ha. She is from Peeps' ewe named Bippitty and I just so happen to be getting an F1 Timothy ram lamb that has Bippitty as his grandma! Slipper is a very friendly ewe lamb and I'm excited to see how she develops.


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