Tuesday, September 4, 2007

$837.68 rock

The rock you see pictured here with a quarter shows you how large this rock is. Can anyone guess why this rock is so valuable? Well the Zoe-meister outdid herself and swallowed that bugger! That's pretty good for a 16 pound puppy! I'll leave the gross details out but after finding the rock with an xray in the stomach it had to come out. My friend said that that price was quite cheap considering its double that in Fargo. After my run of luck with the dogs maybe this is God's way of telling me I should have cats instead? Or He just wants me to be constantly broke LOL. Maybe I'll sell the rock on ebay? Think I'll get the value of the rock?

Below is what I found in the 50'x60' kennel run that is complete grass. I took a leaf blower out to the pen and basically blew out the entire pen so now it is void of any pine needles, pine cones, branches, leaves, rocks, dog poop or demolished toys. Guess I'll have to keep that pen more tidy. Can't afford another rock!!

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Sabrina Wille Erickson said...

Garrett, I'm so glad your little Zoe is fine. What an expensive misfortune that was!

I've noticed Meggie plays with driveway rocks occasionally. I would have never dreamed one could get swallowed. I'll have to be more on the look out for that.

You are a really good dog person Garrett. Weird stuff just happens sometimes. Try not to dispare. Hope your week takes an up turn!

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