Monday, September 24, 2007

Our first NADAC trial

The North American Agility Dog Council (NADAC) is a seperate agility club that allows all dogs, purebred and Heinz 57, to compete in their fun, laid back and welcoming agility trials.

On Sunday I arrived in Zumbro Falls, MN bright and early to help my friend Dawn set up camp for a day of a agility events! It was both Dawn and my first agility trials and we were nervous enough ;) Dawn owns Magic, a red fluff CWC that is litter mates to my brindle CWC Sadie. That is how i got to meet Dawn and we've been good friends ever since we got our pups, nearly three years ago!

This was Sadie and my first time outside practicing or competing EVER and our first event was Jumpers. Sadie stopped to sniff leaves, walked around the jumps, but man was she happy! Once she realized I meant business she finished the course cleanly but of course after the halfway mark when we were no longer able to get a "Q" (qualifying score). Needless to say it was a great learning tool and we need to practice more outside!

Sadie's 2nd and last event of the day was Tunnelers and she went through at a fast clip, but not fast enough to beat her brothers time :) We had finished in about 30 seconds....but maybe next time :)

Poor Magic would have "Q"ed as well in Hoopers but he was .02 seconds away from the time alloted. I think he should have gotten it but oh well. Next time! He sure looked good out there!

Needless to say Magic and Sadie both got one Q that day, and we got pretty ribbons to add to the scrap book :) The most important thing is that we all had fun and Sadie and Magic were all smiles out in the ring. That's what its about!

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