Friday, September 28, 2007

Why Simmental, part 3

Some of 'da boys' from our west pasture. We are keeping the solid black bull calf as he is from AI, and he is the last of his mother's line, so totally unrelated to all other lines of our girls so he will be a GREAT outcross.

Gisele (black goggle face) and P06's red heifer calf. I love that facial marking. In the background you see a red cow, that's Rudie. She's the start of my most heavily kept line of females on our farm. I"d say 50% of our girls are related to her in some way.

Keeley is 1/2 Simmental, 1/2 angus. Her mother was our nicest Angus cow ever. Very typey and great mothering skills, and her bull calves were always breath taking.

Here is my cute little Ithaca (I found her name!) She is just too cute for words and very dark cherry red like they like them here in the US.

Here is our 18 month old herd bull Teddy, working hard. They are just so docile! Yet I never trust them. He's going for Butcher as his use was quite short lived. The US Simmental breeders are trying for more blaze faced animals. He wouldn't be going but we have better bull calves this year from AI. Well, that and our freezer died in the garage and we lost all of our meat!

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