Friday, September 28, 2007

Why Simmental, Part 5 (AND LAST!)

Cruising down the cattle highway.......I couldn't find the girls out north! I kept calling but I figured the gale force winds had something to do with it.

They aren't at the stock that thing is low! I did walk out to the top of my knee high boots and the water is still deep where there IS water.

When I did find them they were laying down, and when I called it startled them and they all jumped up and came running towards me!

I just had to take a photo of another two year old mom with her 6 month old bull calf. He's looking good!

The red bull calf I'm going to keep. He's related to most of the red cows so he will be bred to dad's black cows. (he keeps blacks, I keep reds, less confusing for him!)

One of my pretty girls from AI. She's a keeper too! See how much darker she is than the adult cow behind her?

Poppa Valiant standing proud amongst his harem of ladies and his offspring.

They decided to go for their daily run (literally) and went running back to the stock pond for their afternoon drink. Valiant the ever watchful protector stands guard while the women and children drink. what a guy!

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