Monday, October 1, 2007

Importing UK Semen

Sorry not another post about sheep! (but soon I promise!)

I have done the initial queries into importing Simmental Semen from the UK. I contacted UK Sire Services and had emailed a gentleman by the name of Rob Wills. I emailed him in regards to having semen that is ready to export to the USA and here is part of what he wrote back

"Thanks for this. You will be aware that we are nearly 100% full blood in the
UK.....concentration on shape, fast growth, milk, early finishing rather
than colour. The exception is that we like our Sims light coloured for cross
breeding in the dairy sector. (40% of the national dairy herd goes to beef
to add another income stream for the cross red calves). Light colour x
Holstein calves are chocolate coloured. Dark Sims tend to make the calves
look like HE crosses. We have quite a selection of bulls with semen collected to US Health Certs. Go to and have a look on our database."

Two seconds later I was in heaven looking at their line-up of Simmental Bulls. That is what I was trying to breed for here!

I then contacted the American Simmental Association in regards to having the offspring registerable with the ASA. Their response was as long as I have a copy of their "Foreign" Registry Certificate, an affidavit stating the animal is indeed a fullblood registered individual, and a $25.00 registration fee (my cost) before any offspring is regsitered. Everything else has already been paid for (DNA markers, disease tests etc).

All I need to pay for is the shipping, the cost of the semen straws and the $25.00 reigstration for the bull into our American Herdbook.

Now I just have to decide on which bulls. Below are a few photos I borrowed from the UK Sire Service website to give you an idea of what I'm looking for!

Blackford Hawk

Darsham Playboy

Wroxall Luke

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Kelly V said...

I like Hawk and Luke but don't much about cattle. They have the cuter faces and Playboy looks like his hair is long and curlier around his neck (don't like that as much). That is just MHO for knowing nothing about cattle genetics.

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