Wednesday, October 31, 2007

One step forward, two steps back

Well I wanted to post the other day about not being able to catch the mink. I left the duck carcasses in the pen to entice him back, but he kept eluding the traps. Monday morning (about a week after the ducks were killed) I went about my normal morning chores; bringing hay out to the pasture, letting the girls out to eat it, filling water tubs, checking mineral tubs, feeding my new chickens etc. I noticed a very pungent ferret like smell in the one silo room I have to walk through to get outside. "odd", I thought. He must have been in here not too long ago. Well I looked down and much to my surprise there was a mink in the trap! It didn't look very big! Was this the big buck male I'd been waiting for? Well it was a mink nonetheless, and I disposed of it. I proudly let my two remaining ducks and two guineas out into their pen again! I left them out there for the night too, as it as a balmy 56 degrees and a full moon!

The next morning I went out to feed the ducks and I saw a duck pulled halfway through the fence. "I thought I got rid of all the carcasses" I thought to myself. OMG its the BLACK HEN!


So off to reset traps, I called our trapper friend and he didn't bring any more traps out, and just left the one trap set up again. I pulled the duck out and by the other trap, by morning this morning its pulled back to the hole in the fence and nearly completely eaten. Whatever it is is quite hungry and if its the buck mink we NEEd to catch him!

Ducks and Chickens are anywhere from 5-20 dollars each. IF he'd get into any one of my pigeon pens, we are talking THOUSANDS of dollars! And I can only think of hurting the mink so much and it still won't make me get my birds back or make me feel any better.

Fortunately I was able to collect the two guinea hens and bring them back into the barn. My chocolate Swedish duck amazingly flew OVER the fence and back into our stock pond where she lived all summer. She's probably safer there than she is in the barn :(

Will keep you posted

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