Monday, October 1, 2007

Breeding Groups for Goats

Well the goats have been put into their breeding groups. I am using three registered bucks that I purchased in May while on my once in a lifetime roadtrip. I didn't sleep more than 4 hours while driving three days from my house in Minnesota to Knoxville Tenneesee, back to Ohio to a goat show to pick u more, to South Bend, Indiana to pick up more and then finally home. Before I left I also had two goats shipped in from Washington State. There are maybe two other people in Minnesota raising registered Pygmies so I had decided early on to go out of state to bring in some new blood.

Anyway my groups are as follows:
Jeff's Classics Prince Caspian - a light caramel registered buck. will be bred to Pinta, Abby, and Siete. Caspian was lucky during quarantine to breed the doe that accompanied him here. Strawberry Field's Sharon. Miss Sharon is due any day, I'm hoping for some medium or dark caramel does!

Spring Vale's Solar Enery - a medium caramel registered buck. Solar is being bred to Santa Maria, Maddy and DeNae. I am hoping for medium to dark caramels here as well.

Blackshire Connan 1xGrCH is a dark grey agouti registered buck who is getting Krista, Miriam, DeLila and Sharon (she'll be later but will be put in to his breeding group after her kids are a few weeks old).

Photos of the girls are on my website:

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