Sunday, October 21, 2007

No more bull(s)

Well I can say there's 'no bull' on our farm. LOL

We rounded up the last group of cattle from their summer pasture and brought them home. We managed to get the cattle home, the bulls seperated and put into the stock trailer without much stress or dramatic stories. The more 'docile' bull crawled underneath the tractor to get back to his girls one time...I can hardly crawl under that tractor, and I wish I could have seen that 2500 pound bull do it!

It seems that our farm is now overrun with cattle! Its a nice sight to see them all home again, but after the 5 or 6 inches of rain we've had this past week, it makes for a very muddy yard. It was particularily funny to watch the oldest calf trying to walk backwards while nursing, as the mother cow was walking home from their summer pasture to the home pasture. Where is my camera when I need it!

On a good note we have a friend of the family who traps for a hobby come over and set a few traps for this mink. Today we saw hundreds of LARGE tracks that this buck mink (that's what the guy says it is) is still around and still trying to get those ducks out of the pen (I left them in there as to bait him back) He's too big to get through the fence ( I thought it was a good fence) and he found a hole in the wall of the barn to get in and out of. I asked about the chickens and he said that it 'was' possible that he did that too, but would have probably killed the cats and/or the other fowl in the barn also. He's now coming back just for the fun of it. Steve tells me by tonight we should have him as he apparently isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

He also told me that the area farmers and residents would be AMAZED at how much wildlife is around here yet. He said we have many otters, fischers, bob cat, mountain lion, coyotes, mink, weasels, wolves, bear, skunk, possum, racoon and even the occasional lynx coming around. If that doesn't make me want to get some LGD and walk with a flaslight instead of just fumlbing through in the darkness, I don't know what will! Glad to hear that we have so many animals around. I'm even more happy to not see them. That means there is enough prey to eat that isn't on my farm!

Will keep you updated as to when we get the critter!

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Nancy K. said...

Oh MY! I think I'd put a chain link fence around the place!!!


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