Monday, October 8, 2007

Shetland Breeding Groups

Well these are not set in stone, but I think they are pretty close to how i want them. I really don't want more than three breeding groups, but I am holding over the other ram lambs for 'educational' purposes. In other words, I want to see how their horns and fleece continue to develop, how large they may or may not get and see if by chance next years ram lambs will be better than them and they need to move on or if they will be useful in next fall's breeding program. I've got the room, might as well educate myself with thier lines and such.

I'm sure the colors/patterns and sexes I'm hoping for won't happen, its Murphy's law at its finest! But nonetheless doesn't hurt to dream right?

Wintertime Jazz AI - Grey Katmoget F1 Jericho son. He was spotted at birth and his brother is an emsket katmoget so he also carries modifieds. He will have the largest group of girls with 12. He is 87% UK, single coated with the most crimp I've seen in a Shetland ram to date. He's consistent his entire length of his body and he is a mild mannered boy. He is only katmoget and black or white going back almost his entire pedigree so I'm expecting all blacks, or grey katmogets from these breedings.

He will be bred to:
Justalit'l Chloe - fawn katmoget - 31.25% UK She is homozygous katmoget, F2 Minder, son of Underhill Bartok. I am expecting all katmogets, most likely greys.

RYL Rachildas - white - 12.5% UK. She is white carrying black. She is conformationally beautiful, very crimpy from front to end. I'm expecting white, black or grey katmogets.

RYL Corild - jet black - domestic ewe with primitive fleece. This breeding should produce some stunning black or grey kat lambs.

Bono Creek Lavender Brown - dark fawn - 37.5% UK, F2 and F3 Jamie. These lambs will be 62% UK and should be striking lambs, possibly modified.

Winter Sky Maya - dark moorit - 31.25% UK, She is a Winter Sky Tennyson daughter, and she produced Heath this year, the ram lamb I'm using in a breeding group this fall. She is very consistent from front to back, dark gorgeous fleece. Her micron this spring was 22.8 with AFD of 8.2, and fibers greater than 30 only 18.8. These lambs will be to die for!

Winter Sky Buttons - moorit - 37.5% UK - Sandstone daughter, her micron was 21.8 and was the lowest micron in my tested flock. She is a smirslet sokket and so I'm expecting some spots from this breeding!

Firth of Fifth Assam Meleng - shaela - 25% UK - Sandstone daughter, She was born jet black and is now a shaela, with her daughter possibly going to be an emsket. I'm hoping for some modified lambs from this breeding.

Firth of Fifth Rooibos - fawn - 25% UK - Sandstone daughter. She was a dark moorit at birth and is now a fawn, gorgeous color. She lambed this spring the smallest ram lamb but he is a beautiful fawn who might be mioget. He is being kept to 'watch' for the winter. More modifieds expected here. All Sandstone daughter have the possibility of carrying spots so I could get spots from her and Meleng as well.

Firth of Fift Tailka - black gulmoget - 43.75% UK, a gorgeous gulmoget with minimal 'side color', I'm hoping for a gorgeous gulmoget or katmoget or even better gul/kat ram lamb to expand on my gulmoget line. Modifieds are possible here as well.

White Pine Twix - moorit - 18.75% UK - Twix is a very feminine girl with a lot of presence for such a small package. This breeding should produce some nice fleeced, correct lambs

Minwawe Lyra - black smirslet, bronget, sokket - domestic ewe with intermediate fleece. This breeding will hopefully produce some spots, either black or katmoget

Minwawe Skippy - fawn smirslet - domestic ewe with intermediate fleece that is quite crimpy. Modified, spotted lambs are expected.

Firth of Fifth Barish AI - F1 53% UK, Timothy son. One of the last F1 Timothy sons. Barish is a gentle, katmoget with a darker face, lacking the 'badger' markings, however he is also down from emsket lines and the possibility of having some gorgeous modifed lambs from these girls is quite likely as well. He also could carry the moorit gene as his sister is a fawn katmoget.

Firth of Fifth Sikkem Temi - moorit - 28% UK, very crimpy, gorgeous dark colored moorit with loads of type, style and great conformation. These lambs will be very consistent with excellent conformation. katmogets or solids in black or moorit.

Love E Ewe Cleo - black - 6% UK. Cleo at nearly four years old is just now showing signs of iset in her flanks. She is Temi's and Twix's mom and both girls are nice improvements on her. I'm hoping that Cleo will throw me a gorgeous black ram lamb (again) with nicer horns and a great fleece and look like her daughters.

White Pine Skor - shaela - 28% UK, a modified extremely crimpy, consistent little typey ewe lamb with loads to offer. Bred to Barish this should be a great chance for getting more emsket lambs or emsket kats.

Firth of Fifth Rahu - white - 31.25% Uk, she is from Wintertime Black Forrest who is still extremely black with a short UK fleece. Rahu is loaded with crimp, consistent in fleece and has tons of phaeo on her legs and face. I'm hoping for a flashy gulmoget or katmoget from her or a nice white ram.

Wintertime Gracie - moorit smirslet sokket - 18.75% UK - another Sandstone daughter with potential for modifieds from this breeding, and conformationally nice lambs.

Minwawe Slipper - moorit smirslet sokket - domestic ewe lamb. This will be a line breeding. Slipper's mom is Barish's grandmother. Am excited to see what I get.

Little Red Oak Rose - black smirslet - domestic ewe lamb. I'm hoping to shorten the fleece and add some crimp to the fleece, while keeping the dark black color.

Little Red Oak Dot - black - domestic ewe lamb. She's a double coat who carries moorit, so moorit lambs are possible, or fawn kats.

Little Red Oak Wren - moorit smirslet sokket - She's down from Minwawe stock so will be interesting to see the simliarities if any that show up in the lambs. She has a very dense and thick fleece. Beautiful ewe. Moorits possible here too.


White Pine Heath is a dark moorit with perfect horns, single coated fleece. He is a double Tennyson son, 28% UK and consistent from front to rear with loads of crimp and style. This group can produce mostly rich colored moorits, and most likely a nice group of finely fleeced animals with rich colors.

Winter Sky Layla AI - horned mioget - F1 Orion, 62.5% UK, very crimpy, even in her britch, goregous color and an awesome presence, even for a ewe lamb! This will be a line breeding back to Underhill Loretta Lynn, a nephew to aunt breeding. I'm excited about this breeding!

Firth of Fifth Pi Lo Chun - grey katmoget - 31.25% UK with a micron of 24, even and consistent fleece. Her markings are perfect for a katmoget and I'm hoping for a goregous fawn katmoget, but what I wish for doesn't always happen :)

Firth of Fifth Jasmine Phoenix - Ag, grey katmoget - 34.4% UK, micron of 25 with the most creamy colored fleece you could imagine. Her markings are also quite perfect but tend to fade throughout the year due to her Ag gene. Look for some flashy lambs here!

White Pine Musketeer - musket - was also smirslet at birth. Jasmine's ewe lamb. 33% UK with a very dense and soft fleece. I'm hoping for a moorit out of her but either way the fleece will be delicious.

White Pine Kit Kat - fawn katmoget - Jasmine's other ewe lamb, 33% UK. I'm hoping for another gorgeous fawn katmoget with even crimpier fleece.

Beechtree Kershope - Blue Faced Leicester - 56% UK, her sire is a colored ram so I'm hoping for a flashy colored mule lamb.

Beachtree Callaway - Blue Faced Leicester - 56% UK, she possibly carries color too and am hoping for another great fleeced mule lamb.


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Wow; lots of great possibilities there! I hope you get at least SOME of what you're wishing for....

Becky Utecht said...

Wow Garrett! You're really breeding a lot of ewes this year. You're definitely going to get some great lambs next spring. And I see you're putting the BFL ewe lambs under a Shetland ram. That will be interesting too.

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