Monday, October 8, 2007

Chicken massacre

Well Becky's bad luck is coming this way. This morning I went out and was doing AM chores and noticed that I was missing over half of my chickens. "Typical" I thought. The two Roosters are always vying for the 6 hens affection. I only saw one rooster and two hens. While walking down the barn aisles I found several piles of feathers. "Barn pigeons" I thought. Nope, chicken. And not just one, FIVE. Its not my sisters dogs, they haven't been back for a long time.

It was our cats!! You know, the nine or so that don't hunt, crap in my mineral tubs, in the loose hay, scream and cry if you don't feed them at least 4x a day. About three days ago I stopped feeding them. Let them hunt! We used to only have hunting cats. Then one year they all had kittens and we felt like we needed to help support them feeding so many kittens. Well that was stupid! They never learned to hunt and the generations after never learned that trait.

The only time they seem to know how to hunt is when they get into my pigeon lofts. Those cats don't last the day. They've been living harmoniously with my chickens and ducks and the posse in the barn for a good year, and now all of a sudden they are attacking them...and with gusto! They eat too much cat food and my chickens are much too expensive to keep this going. Our farm dog and my Sadie are better mousers than all of our cats combined. Can you tell I'm disgusted? Free cats!!

I'd give anything for 2-3 hunters that are spayed/neutered that would live out their life more cat more more eating the chickens!

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Becky Utecht said...

Oh no, that's awful about your chickens! Those cats are in big trouble. Our cats stalk the chickens and I'm always telling them no. So far they've been okay. Our neighbor's dog was back down here TWICE today -- just one week after killing three of our chicks. Those owners really tick me off. I'm calling the sheriff tomorrow to see what can be done about that blasted dog.

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