Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Rally Trial and Canine Good Citizen Test

Well this week is a busy week with the dogs. Thursday night is Sadie's agility class. She's such a fast little bugger its hard to keep up with her! :)

Friday is Sadie's Canine Good Citizen (CGC) test. We have been working diligently on our down stays and then proceed to walk 20 feet away, turn and walk back to her without her sitting up or standing. I had a left over lamb brat that seems to do the trick (thanks Gail!) and she is such a good pupil! We can then add CGC to Sadie's name!

Saturday and Sunday is Oliver's Rally Novice A trial. We have our first leg already from the last Rally/Obedience Trail in Fargo, ND. With any luck we'll get our 2nd and 3rd leg this weekend and can get Oliver's RN added to his name! Below is a photo of Oliver and I at the start of our first and only Rally Trial where we got our 1st leg.

Wish us luck!!

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