Friday, September 28, 2007

Why Simmental, Part 2

These are photos of the Traditionally marked Simmental at our home pasture. Lots of photos so be patient.

Three calves from three different sires. All gorgeous in their own respect.

Father, Daughter, grand Daughter. The father is our mature 4 year old herd bull. The mother is a 2 year old and the daughter is 6 monthns old. Notice mother is still growing, and calves aren't normally weaned until nine months old...that's three months from now! She'll be nearly her mothers size when weaned. And her mom is in great condition!

This is Racine. I named them after major US cities this year :) She is from the yellow herd bull and a solid red cow. She is defintely a keep! This is breed type!

This is P47's calf. I can't remember his name of the top of my head. MAN IS HE WILD! I don't typically keep hyper cattle as most of them were in my camera as I was taking the photos and couldn't get a good shot :) He carries the yellow gene, is spotted and striking. Hopefully he'll settle down this winter in closer quarters with people. I don't need them to be tame, just not flighty

The twins that were born last taking a break from lunch to smile for the camera! First time mom Istas is such a good mom!

My herd bull Sherlock. His time is up here after being used for three years. I wish I could use him more as he's been THE driving force behind me getting more yellows on the farm. Now nearly 1/2 of my girls carry that yellow factor thanks to him.

Minneapolis is Maddy's son (I name according to first letter of mom's name) He will be the replacement bull for his father. Minneapolis was born quite light and I'm hoping that means he will throw more yellows! His mother is by far my smallest cow I've ever had in the Simmental. However she always weans the largest calf each year (over 700 pounds). That's over 1/2 her weight! She's been worth every blade of grass. I hope to get a female from her next year bred back to Sherlock.

Family photo of Sherlock with Bacardi and Bismarck. I was hoping for a spotted calf this year and ended up with a spotted YELLOW HEIFER calf! Bismarck is so gorgeous and my first true yellow calf born here. I have bred Bacardi back to Sherlock in hopes of repeating with another girl next spring!

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