Tuesday, June 17, 2008


It has stopped raining long enough to get some photos of some flowers. NONE are in their peak, as that happened during the 16 days of rain. The flowering crabs bloomed during this time and I have no good shots of them to share with you! Bummer as I have about 14 varieties of flowering crab...one of only a tiny handful of ornamental flowering trees that grow up here.


This is a French Hybrid Lilac named "Sensation".

Red Oasier Dogwood (Native shrub, red branches)
Pin Cherry Tree (another native tree, but the birds get all the berries before I do!)
Heuchera "Marmalade" Not only has beautiful pinkish white flowers, but the color and texture just pops in the garden
Some of my 'veggie' garden now has sevearl kinds of Iris and Chives blooming. All the iris are gifts from others. Anyone want some?!! I have plenty!!


stephen rouse said...

Garrett! Your flowering shurbs are exquisite. Loved the photos. I'm partial to Sensation, the lilac. I bought one once and the dang rabbits killed it. Seeing this photo makes me want to get another! Love those white etched petals. Incredible.


North Star Shetlands said...

Last time I checked, Iris aren't veggies ;-) The cattle tried to kill our sensation lilac this year. Pretty pictures though! :)

Gail V said...

Love your flower pictures, Garrett. My favorite plant out of them is the Heuchera Marmalade. I didn't know its name, but have seen a few around the Twin Cities this week-- a striking color foliage for contrast in the perennial bed.
Also, the dogwood blooms! Yay, I got a couple dozen as conservation plants from the Soil and Water Conservation people this year, but I hadn't known they'd flower!

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