Sunday, June 29, 2008

She did it!

Sadie my heart dog and little princess received her third and final leg today for her Jumpers with weaves title abbreviated NAJ (novice agility jumpers). It was a LOT of fun watching her fly over the bars and I had good friends there that have been my first friends in Cardis so it made it even more special!

I got a collage of photos coming from professional photographers and they should be on their website shortly and can give you the link!

Her registered name (pending AKC approval of course) will be Qwaynts Midnight Forest Sadie CGC NAJ

Hooray for the Sadie Girl!


Alaska Shetland Shepherd said...

Excellent job, Sadie and Garrett!!! Was waiting to read the good news!!

So, now when is that talented Corgi going to get her PT, huh????


Garrett808 said...

Oh I hope soon I hope!!! Oliver and Sadie are both naturals on sheep and ducks...I just need a crash course in commands and how to teach them :)

Any pointers or is it gonna cost me! :P lol

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