Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Catching up with flower photos

I'm typically on the garden tour for our county every year but since I'm not this year, I thought I'd so a 'year long' garden tour online for all my blogger friends!
Polemonium aka Solomon's Seal. This is a native plant here
One of the many 'traded' iris plants that i have no idea the name, but it sure is pretty!
A freshly weeded bed with Ostrich ferns (native) Ligularia Desdemona and Siberian Iris Gull Wings.
Native Canadian Columbine
Beareded Iris variety that my Great Grandmother Augusta had at her house. They are a shorter variety and are BEAUTIFUL. Click on the photo to see the amazing detail of the falls.
Persicaria Polymorpha (tall native plant) and an iris I got at a Church Bizarre beareded Iris. Its cute too!
Lamiastrum galeobdolon Herman's Pride (bee's love it)
European Wild Ginger (such shiny leaves)
Wild Giner (native plant)
Tiarella Spring Symphony

I have so many photos of plants I'll have to come back and do more later :)

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