Monday, July 7, 2008

Spotted starter flock available

After much deliberation I have decided to sell a group of ewes that are spotted or carry the spotting gene. There are a range of colors and patterns and they are available at a GROUP PRICE!! All are NASSA registered.

Minwawe Bejig S26887 A Shaela ewe with some iset on the britch. Very open crimp from midside foreward, more straight fleece in the back. This year she produced a black krunet ewe who I'm retaining and a black yuglet ram that was totally white except for his yuglets. Nice big lambs. Great mom.

Minwawe Hopscotch S20014 Fawn ewe, proven spot carrier and produced a gorgeously crimpy, flecket ewe lamb this year. At three months old her daughter is almost as big as she. Good mother.

Minwawe Do Si Do S26887 black bielset, yuglet, sokket. First time mom who gave me a loudly patterned yuglet, flecket, sokket moorit ram lamb. Good mother.

Minwawe MopsyII (NASSA pending)half sister to Hopscotch. Black ewe lamb who carries moorit. Her brother was a black HST with gorgeous horns. She has gorgeous bedroom eyes. carries spots and moorit.

WhitePine Salida (NASSA pending) black krunet ewe lamb. Out of my F1 Timothy and Minwawe Skippy (fawn smirslet) Has a good chance of being modified down the road as both parents are, or carry modifiers.

There may be two more adult ewes available if there is any interest.

Choice of ram to accompany above ewes/ewe lambs:
Minwawe Fiddler - yuglet, flecket, sokket moorit ram lamb out of Do Si Do. Domestic lines.

WhitePine Rifle - is going modified, mostly likely EMSKET. Has scurs. Out of F1 Timothy and Minwawe RedBud. Both parents microned in the low 20's. Could carry spotting.

WhitePine Peyton. Krunet Ag Gulmoget scurred ram lamb. Is spotted/carries spots, plus gulmoget and Ag, as well as moorit

WhitePine Rico - Long scurs, Bersugget F2 Orion. Is spotted, carries moorit, very crimpy fleece, very soft

WhitePine Romeo- black, small scurs, F2 Timothy, could carry spotting and possibly moorit. Extremely even and crimpy.

Price of ewes with ram depends on which ram is chosen. Please email for more details or photos.

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