Friday, July 18, 2008

New stock

Considering I've moved over half of my flock out this year, I'm doing good by only purchasing a few sheep this year! I had a few goals I had in mind from the beginning of this year:
1. find a moorit based ram with UK genetics
2. acquire a few more gulmoget ewes/rams for my flock
3. AI ewes that best complimented the UK rams I have straws of
4. Continue with my fine-fleece program, while adding more pattern to my flock

Goal #2. Check. This is Black Forest Tilly, a lamb that came from Cynthia's granddaughter's flock. She loves gulmoget and spotting. She is very elegant! She is a full sister to my Taika.

Goal #3. Check. This is actually Barish's twin sister! FirthofFifth Booto. She is a fawn katmoget, F1 Timothy and will be used in the AI program this fall.

Goal #4. Check! I have a few katmogets, but only have one that is spotted. This is SheltrngPines Fleur De Lis, a yearling girl with 44% UK blood, going back to Himothy, Holly, and Minder twice. She'll be bred to Jazz and hope for spotted katmogets!

Goal #3. Check (again!) This is Justalit'l Black Lambo, also from Stephen. She was bred to Roban Dillon and produced two very striking rams for him, so it was with this in mind, that I would use her in the AI this fall. I have no Dillon straws, so it will be a different ram, but hoping for good things! She goes back to Holly and Timothy.

Goal #1. Check. This is UnderTheSon Arapaho with his brother Apache and mother. He is an F2 Orion, F4 Timothy, F4 Jamie with lots of Rarebriar and WinterSky in the pedigree. He'll be used on the Jazz/Barish lambs that are katmogets and possibly BB/BB. I decided to get him AFTER I had dibs on the ram below as I wanted a SOLID brown factored ram as well. I guess I just want it all.

Goal #1. Check again. This is UnderTheSon Mohican. He is 50% UK and is F2 Brent, F3 Jericho with Jamie twice in his pedigree with Greyling also back there. I had picked him out first, but was really torn about making the right decision. I wanted a slightly different angle on the Jericho and didn't have any Brent bloodlines and he is a fawn katmoget, one of my favorite pattern/colors. I think he'll comliment Arapaho's daughters nicely. He'll be bred to the solid black ewes out of Jazz/Barish in hopes of pulling some fawn kats and moorits out.

Goal #3. Check again! This is Underhill Ulla, an F2 Jamie, F4 Timothy and F4 Holly. Juliann said she doesn't think that she carries the poll gene, so we'll try her with AI and see what we get :) She has beautiful fleece.

So THAT's IT! With me cutting back on the cattle to around 5 cows, I will have plenty of more pasture/hay/yardage to house the sheep in. We have 320 acres to expand into, so 40 ewes isn't sounding SO terrible :)

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Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Oh, to have plenty of land on which to play with all my breeding goals!

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