Monday, July 21, 2008

Boys, Boys, Boys

Blogger is a great way to stalk other people's lives, and to be nosey about what they do, and then can pretend they "didn't know" even when they really did. LOL

In other ways its a great way to check up on your friends when you have time, and you don't have to wake them up, bother them at work, or if you don't feel like can just check in to see how they are doing. Hi Auntie Paula! :) LOL

Ok so we all like to see how sheep are growing, right? Of course. People are nosey by nature.

For those who haven't been fortunate enough to come visit me yet this year (shame on you!) Here are some of the boys I have yet.

Here are WhitePine Peyton and WhitePine Peterson. They are both of out Wintertime Black Forrest, a black gulmoget. Peyton is out of Underhill Peep and just found a new home today!. Peterson is out of FirfthofFifth PiLo Chun and is still available. Peterson looks to have normal horn growth and is NCWGA registerable.

WhitePine Lyons (shaela) out of Wintertime Jazz and Bono Creek Lavender Brown and WhitePine Romeo (black, scurred) out of FirthofFifth Barish and FirthofFifth Rahu. I am going to keep Lyons as I think that color of his is absoultely stunning! He is even from front to rear, gorgeous horns, nice disposition and perfect tail, and HE's SO SOFT! Romeo is super crimpy as well thanks to his dad and I think he will stay jet black with no iset as his Grandpappy (Campaign Timothy) was jet black at 9 yrs of age yet. He's NASSA registerable.

Minwawe Fiddler, a moorit yuglet flecket is still available. I was going to grow him on but realized he is very related to all my spotted girls! He is NASSA registerable.

This is WhitePine Longmont, an F2 Orion, Double Tennyson breeding. He is currently fawn and could change yet to mioget like his mother. Super crimpy, correct boy with nice horn growth and square back end. He is NCWGA registerable.

And this long scurred guy is FirthofFifth Barish, my poll carrier ram, F1 Timothy. He's turning out to be a handsome young boy.

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