Thursday, July 24, 2008

no news is good news

I've been busier than a one-armed wallpaper hanger (have you tried doing it with TWO arms? nearly impossible!)

I'm getting ready for a 4 day dog show in Bismarck ND next thursday-sun. That following wednesday I have to drive to Hutchinson, MN where I am judging the open class and 4H class of pigeons (there are many divisions,but i'm judging both shows). Its my first county fair judging assignment and even though its just kids, I don't want to be 'too' hard on them LOL.

The following friday i leave for Albert Lea, Mn for a 2 day dog show and then 3 days of work before heading off to Michigan Fiber Festival!. I get back the following monday and have 3 more days of work before I got to another 3 day dog show in Lake Elmo. I have to stop there. I can't even think further ahead than that and I've got three or six more weekends in a row lined up with stuff. Call me crazy!

Taika, my gulmoget was out when I got home from work today. She saw me, walked nonchalantly over to the fence and jumped OVER it from a standing position (not running). She cleared the fence with two feet to spare. (no pun intended) She has alwas been my 'gate opener', tree climber and now fence opener. That stinker!


Alaska Shetland Shepherd said...

Oh brother, are YOU in for some fun come breeding time! A fence jumper...maybe she'll have to wear a triangle for a while.......poor girl!

North Star Shetlands said...

Naughty girl! lol. Yeah, after seeing her climb that tree, and she's got her daddies legs...yeah...I can see that. lol. Kizzy's babies (Mom calls them both "sugar lips" so I never know which one it really is lol) are our escape artists.

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