Friday, July 25, 2008

Daylilies for Rayna

These are for my daylily addict, Rayna :) They are quite common varieties.

Hem. Happy Returns. They are a very pale-ish yellow color. Repeat bloomer.

Hem. Pardon Me. I love the dark red petals. It too is a repeat bloomer.

Hem. Stella D'Oro. Everyone has these! Golden flowers that bloom from May until frost.

Hem. Little Wine Cups. My first daylily. I absotlutely love this pale mahogany/wine colored flowers. Its also a rebloomer!

This is Hem. Mini Stella D' Oro. The flowers are less than 1" across, smaller shorter clumps of leaves as well. great for borders along sidewalks (even better than the original Stella!)

A great big flower (6-7"wide) is Hem Mary Todd. A bright yellowish/gold that gets a bit taller than the other varieties so far. Isn't really a repeat bloomer, but blooms for a LONG time.

Hem Siloam Doodle Bug. I love this one!

Hem. Siloam June Bug. More of a gold, versus the more muted one above. The flower stalks are a bit taller on this one as well.

I have the rest of my daylilies starting to open..or in the bud stage yet. Will keep you posted!


kristi said...

just happened to find your blog. I loved your to buy or not blog. I had my first real lamb crop this year and I am torn on various levels esp. cuz I had some awesome markings that I was not expecting to see. Best wishes 4 your dog show. I have blue merle female cardigan & we will be at the regionals in OH in Aug. We took 3rd in open bitches at the Nationals in April. Thank you for sharing your world...perhaps we could chat in the future:)

North Star Shetlands said...

Yay for daylilies! :D

Carolina Trekker said...

Glad i looked in on your Daylilies today. Now I realize my Stella D'Oro's are Minis. Thanks!

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