Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A few poll carrier rams

Meet WhitePine Arvada. He's going to be a scurred boy out of Jazz and Meleng (she's the poll carrier!) He had tiny tops of Hershey Kisses on his head and now they are starting to thicken and get slightly larger. He still is polled. Lyons, who is the same age has horns that are quite apparent and over six inches long! Arvada will do great things for Sabrina up in the Northern Woods.

Here is WhitePine Romeo with his yearling momma Rahu. Rahu is out of Wintertime Black Forrest the gulmoget and RYL Rachildas (who I also have). His daddy is FirthofFifth Barish, who has long scurs and is an F1 Timothy. I expect Romeo to stay jet black like his grandfather, Timothy, and he is very crimpy and soft already. Rahu is one of my top 3 for Finest Fleeced ewes.

Here you can see Romeo's tiny scurs better. Big-i-fy the photo for a closer inspection :) He's still available for sale. He's also listed on my website and the NASSA sale site!

This is Romeo's rear. Quite straight (except for him leaning). Its hard to get good photos of BLACK sheep as their color sucks up any definition with a camera. Guess you'll just have to stop in and see him!

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