Sunday, July 6, 2008

Ell's 2 point photo from Cambridge

Ell is growing up to be such a cute little thing :)

I'll try to NOT comment negatively about myself since Sabrina told me to not do that so there I am. sweaty, sun burned and thinning hair. *sigh* when did I get OLD?

Anyway its Ell's first two points towards her CH title (she needs 15 points with two 3,4 or 5 point majors included in the total) She's growing up so nicely!


Sharrie said...

Thanks for the picture of Elle. I can't get the photos of Sadie, and yes, Elle is a cutie.

Sharrie said...

Sorry about the wrong spelling. That's what happens when you are a good reader; you overlook different spellings. I'll be more careful.

beautifulwolf said...

OH! I love that minimal white! How cute :) I'm a sucker for low-white Cardis!

So adorable!

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