Saturday, July 26, 2008

Just a couple left.....

Here are the last boys that will be available from Ramsay Farms this year. I do not have deposits on any of the boys, but do have interest in several of them, so if you've been waiting to decide, now is the time to do it! There is a lead out for the ewe lambs as well, but again, no deposit so they are still 'available'. For more information on any of the animals listed here, please check out my website for more details.

Head shot of Rico and Romeo. Rico is Bersugget (Ag spotted) with short scurs. He is modified and is very crimpy with soft handle. Also carries moorit. Romeo is jet black, could carry modified or spotting but can't guarantee. He may carry moorit. soft, crimpy fleece.

Salida is a black krunet ewe lamb just now eight weeks of age shown with her mother, Skippy who is also for sale. I have a LOT of this bloodline in my flock and need to move some of it out.

Here is a photo of Rifle taken today. He appears black but when you part his fleece.......

EMSKET! He is NOT Ag and neither parent is or was Ag. He is a beautiful bluish/grey fleece color and soft.

This is Mopsy II. She has the same mother as Skippy, and again, need to move some of this bloodline to others who need it. She is a very beautiful and inquisitive ewe lamb.

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