Wednesday, July 9, 2008

We all really want to see sheep photos, right?

Yesterday this being my favorite ewe structurally and fleece wise, Centennial, kept walking all the way around the hay feeder and staring at me. Each time she'd get to 'my side' of the feeder that I was sitting near, she's slow down and really stare at me. After about five or six rounds around the feeder, she came directly up to me, matter-of-factly and stood for petting. I thought she'd get sick of it after a few minutes, but nope! Not even after TWENTY minutes. I'd try to stop and she'd literally try climbing into my lap. Now i have tame lambs, but she has never shown an interest in me or any other human for that matter. This photo was taken tonight, day 2, when I thought maybe she was just trying to trick me. Nope! Here she is, not blinking from the flash, but with half wide open eyes off somewhere in La La land :). I'm showing her at Jefferson. She is the F2 Jericho F3 Minder out of Jazz and Chloe.

This little bug is Sedalia. She is a bit younger than Centennial and I had hoped to show her this year, but she is just too young! So we'll show her hopefully next year as she's just too nice to keep at home :) She is also an F2 Jericho out of Jazz and Sterling, one of the Minwawe persuasion.

These two photos are of WhitePine Sheridan. She is also an F2 Jericho out of Justalit'l Shasta. This girl will have a more intermediate fleece like her mother but wow is it crimpy! She's also built wonderfully and I'll be showing her also at Jefferson (thanks to Rayna's fine sheep handling skills :P)

This is Minwawe Sea Breeze, out of ShelteringPines Wind Sprite, a shaela smirslet and Hopalong I think...a moorit yuglet sokket. Sea Breeze is a big girl big as most of the yearlings and she may be modified as she is much lighter than her sister is.

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