Wednesday, June 4, 2008

For Sale List: - Updated!

Below you will find a list of the current "for sale" and "evaluation" sheep. We are doing an extensive AI this fall with 12-15 ewes being AI'ed along with an additional 15-20 ewes of Cynthia's. We were able to secure the last Jericho, Holly and Jamie straws as well as most of the Timothy and Orion straws. I am also using a few Minder.

This sales list is subject to change. if you are interested in even some that are listed currently as 'being evaluated' please do not hesitate to ask about them as they may be come available sooner or later.

Ram Lambs:
All ram lambs are available for sale pending further evaluation of conformation, growth, horns, testicles, temperament etc. It is an ongoing, daily judgement. Some of these boys will be amazing sires, others are not destined to be flock sires. These prices reflect pedigree, potential worth in a flock, and current temperament, horn development (or lack of) color of fleece and SOFTNESS of fleece.

White Pine Peyton - Ag gulmoget ram - Forrest x Peep $400 reserved
White Pine Lyons - black ram - $350 - Jazz x Lavender
White Pine Rico - bersugget ram - F2 Orion - $300 Aman x Rachildas
White Pine Romeo - black ram - scurred - Barish x Rahu $250 F2 Timothy
White Pine Grover - black ram - scurred - Barish x Gracie $250 F2 Timothy
White Pine Rifle - black ram - could be modified Barish x RedBud F2 Timothy $200
Minwawe Cloud - bergsugget - $200
Minwawe Fiddler - moorit flecket yuglet ram - $300
White Pine Longmont - fawn ram - Heath x Layla, F2 Orion -Available NCWGA $150
White Pine Peterson - black ram (Forrest x Pi Lo) $125 NCWGA registerable
White Pine Masonville - black krunet ram (Jazz x Maya) $100 as a whether/fiber pet

Ewe Lambs:
Minwawe Mopsy II - black krunet ewe - $250
Minwawe Merry Go Round - Ag flecket ewe -$300 - held for evaluation
Minwawe D.C. - black krunet - $250 - held for evaluation
White Pine Silverthorne - Ag krunet burrit ewe - Jazz x Shasta - held for evaluation

Mature Ewes:
ShelteringPines Wind Sprite - shaela smirslet - $200

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