Wednesday, June 11, 2008

oh yea! Last lamb was born on Sunday!

White Pine Kit Kat, a fawn katmoget out of Bourbon and Jasmine Phoenix gave me a JAZZ ewe lamb! I guess she didn't cycle until LATE last year and Heath didn't get his chance, and she was bred to Jazz. How do I know? it was BLACK and katmoget! And of course the softest lamb of the year, and with BFL like fleece almost. It was SO stunning!. Kitkat and her baby are already in their new home where they will be loved by all. She also is spotted so it makes her even more cute. I'm going to miss her mother. She had the most feminine, perfect head for a Shetland, and had the intermediate fleece that was to die for. But she was NCWGA registered and I decided this spring early on that I was going to move most of them out of here and focus on my NASSA registered stock. While it is still 'stinging' I know I will recover......someday :)

Another shot of the baby girl and her proud momma.

This is White Pine Rico. See how he is posing for me? He's asking" did you get my GOOD side?" The thing is...he's ALL good. He's an F2 Orion with super crimpy fleece. and WOW is it soft! If you thought you've felt soft, think again. THIS is worth saying it....exquisite! He has smaller horns so he 'may' have gotten a poll gene from his dad Aman, who could have gotten it from Orion OR from his mother. Rico's mom, Rachildas comes from a line with HUGE horns so it didn't come from HER. If you want nice soft crimpy fleeces, he is your guy. AND he is spotted to boot! Rico is available for $300.

Here is a photo of Arvada and Parker growing up nicely. Arvada surprised me by having tiny scurs when he should have his daddy Jazz's big horns. Apparently Meleng, his mother also carries the poll gene. Arvada is a DARK grey katmoget with the bluish fleece and nice tight crimpy fleece. To put it plain and simply. Amazing. Arvada is reserved. Parker, the musket boy is completely lacking ANY horn development with two huge depressions in his head. He 'could' be full poll, but most definitely half poll as both parents are poll carriers. Super crimpy and tight curls, he is another solid boy. He is also reserved.
This is my boy Peyton. He all of a sudden decided to start growing horns. He is Parker's twin brother. I've had a lot of interest in this boy, and so far so good with his development. I'm waiting to see his fleece will turn out in the next few months as its different than his brothers. He is reserved pending evaluation.


Kathy said...

Oh, Garrett! I know how hard it must've been to give up your NCWGA stock. Sometimes farming decisions are so hard to make and carry through. And no one understands it but another farmer (or rancher).

Turns out I think our Ailee's Sheep Thrills Trooper Thorn may carry polled genetics too! His horns are very small and one knocked off back to a bump! Who'd a thought?
Sneaky little buggers those genes are, aren't they? :)

North Star Shetlands said...

Beautiful boys! More photos!!! :)

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