Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sales List - UPDATED 7-10-08

Going through your own animals, day after day, gets quite stressful! Questions that always come up are:

How many can I keep comfortably?
What does their micron report tell me?
What does their handle tell me?
Do I have any others in that line?
Do I have any others in that color?
Do I have any others in that pattern?
What are its conformational faults or strengths? Can I live with them, or improve them?
Is their ewe lamb better than they are?

After second guessing myself, re-evaluating my flock and what my current and future goals are, this is what I have for sale. Granted they are moving on because I cannot use them for MY GOALS, but that doesn't mean they aren't NICE for some other flock!

A gorgeous and soft, square little modified moorit who may go mioget. NCWGA registerable $150 F2 Orion.
Bersugget F2 Orion scurred boy who carries the poll gene and is spotted. Super crimpy and soft! $300.

White Pine Peyton Ag black gulmoget scurred ram lamb $400. Very solid and square and growing fast! NASSA registerable.
White Pine Salida - black krunet ewe lamb. One of the only girls I'm letting go this year.$250 NASSA registerable.
WhitePine Peterson, black, crimpy, nice set of growing horns NCWGA registerable $125
Minwawe Skippy - fawn smirslet - shown with her ewe lamb Salida. Both for sale. $300 for Skippy, or $500 for the pair. Skippy is modified and spotted.
WhitePine Romeo - F2 Timothy, jet black, crimpy, soft scurred boy. Carries poll gene. Quite the gentleman NASSA registerable $250

Minwawe Fiddler - moorit yuglet flecket ram lamb. $250 very striking boy!

There are a few I missed, but do ask for details. I may have a starter flock ready to go shortly for wildly patterned babies! Discounts when three or more are purchased!

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Kathy said...

Gee, Garrett...I have this polled/scurred ram lamb...who needs to find a new place to become "One With A Flock"...My what nice ewe lambs you have here....


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