Thursday, June 12, 2008

I couldn't resist!!

After having the BFL ewe lambs from Brenda and Mark Lelli for almost a year, I decided it was time to add a few more to my flock.

Crosswind 0012 Clover, is a white ewe lamb out of Beechtree Gunnerton x Beechtree Shonah. Shonah also happens to be my Callaway's mother.
Crosswind 0009 Bea will be my first natural colored BFL ewe here! She is out of Beechtree Gunnerton and Beechtree Magpie.

Both girls are from stock that came from Beechtree Blues and are from slightly different lines than what I have here already.

Also coming from Michigan will be Sheltering Pines "Bubba" (its not his REAL name, but one that will be his nickname). He is coming from Stephen Rouse where all of his stock came from Beechtree as well.

He is only six weeks old in this photo so I am excited to see updated photos. He will be used on most of my BFLs this fall and a few shetlands.


Juliann said...

Beautiful! I love those sheep, both the white and the natural coloreds. Very cool!

Becky Utecht said...

Congratulations on your new BFL's Garrett. You're going to have a really nice flock! I love the little ram you're getting from Stephen.

stephen rouse said...

Garrett! wow. your 2 new ones are exquisite. I love both the white and the colored. You're lucky to have found them for sale! :-) (I enquired and was told they had sold to you! lol) The early bird gets the worm, eh? good choices. They'll perform excellently for you. Brenda's genetics are the very best!


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