Thursday, June 25, 2009

AI lambs


This ram is to show Juliann ;) He is my F1 Jamie ram out of a Dillon/Holly linebred ewe named RiverOaks Lucy. He carries moorit, spotting and is a smooth polled :) Check out the leathery patches.
WhitePine Levi coming towards me.
Levi's side.
Levi's rear. He already has 6 poll carrier ewes planned for his fall breeding group! >:)
Below is WhitePine Philemon. F1 Orion F3Greyling/F3 Jamie. He's a musket with short scurs.
Another angle...

This is WhitePine Rhodes...or his brother. He is Orion x Rachildas. They are just dynamite rams that I can hardly tell the difference. One will stay...the other will HAVE to leave. In the background is his half sister, FirthofFifth Rahu (she is out of Rachildas and Wintertime Black Forrest)
Underhill Ulla (left) and her sone WhitePine Ulam. He is F1 Minder F3 Jamie/F3 Timothy. Notice the light 'purse' he has. I turly believe he is light badgerface.
Look at the nose here...he is NOT Ag as he could only get katmoget from his dad and not both Ag and Ab.
Hey! One of my THREE AI ewe lambs is below! WhitePine Eve is shown here. She is fawn now, but could be mioget. She is Heights Orion x FirthofFifth Evidence of Autumn.

This big boy (yes he is the size of his mother already) is WhitePine Barnabas aka 'Bug' out of Heights Orion and FirthofFifth Booto. He's one of my current favorites!
here is Bug coming to see me.
Bug again but this time with WhitePine Bethany (she is Orion x Justalit'l Black Lambo). She is my favorite of the three ewes for right now.
Bethany here showing her pretty head with WhitePine Rufus. He is Orion x FirthofFifth Rooibos. He may be a poll carrier (or slow growing horns) and will be more intermediate in fleece.

Bethany again...watching me as she grazes.
Maybe more photos tomorrow ;)


Kathy said...

OK..I know the polled guys and their gals are for Juliann, but where's the horned sales list, Garrett? ;)

Cynthia said...

Is Eve horned Garrett? The full sister to her from last AI was and Eve looks a great deal like her.

Carol B. said...

What a pretty group of Shetlands. I am glad you got some nice lambs from the AI session last fall. Planning this fall's breeding groups ought to be fun.

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

LOTS of nice lambs there to drool over, Garrett!

Juliann said...

Gorgeous group of lambs, Garrett! That Levi is just incredible! You'll get some exciting lambs by him for our polled community! The musket looks like he's be very nice as well. Although he'll probably mature with long scurs, he's a gem!
Missed seeing you online, BTW. :)

corinne said...

Really nice rear and tail on Ulam...too bad he isn't spotted, I would totally steal him from you :).

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