Tuesday, June 9, 2009

random pasture photos

A calm view of the sheep in front and the cattle in the back. A nice calm 50 degree day today. Yes we are still under our average. WAAAAAAAAAAY under. Come on rain! Its great grass growing temperatures!

FifthofFifth Evidence of Autumn is laying down with her ewe lamb grazing close by. Autumn is trying to hide in the shoulder high grasses!
Below is RiverOaks Lucky with her Willowcroft Jamie son. He is a smooth polled boy at 10 weeks old!
Black Forest Tilly is now getting side dusting a year after she was born. Show her with her ewe lamb Terah with white dandelion seed heads on her neck :)
Wintertime Galina is my solid sided hold out. Is it slowing coming in at the britch? I can't tell. She is out of Wintertime Forrest and Sheltering Pines Holy Grail.
Potosi Llandewwi from Kathy Davidson in PA! Llandewwi is a little dirty but she is filling out nicely.


Nancy K. said...

Oh, good ~ you DO have grass!

I was worried after your last post...


Becky Utecht said...

I wish I could use Lucy's polled boy here. But most of my ewe lambs this year are out of Lucy's mom and her twin sister. I am fascinated with the side dusting (or lack thereof) on the gulmogets. Our Lana (Lucy's daughter) showed a small spot on her sides at shearing. But it was just a temporary lightening, underneath the light tips she has darkened back up!

Mim said...

Nice grass in those pastures! We have almost no grasses at this point but with over 2 inches of rain the last two weeks, in an area who averages 7 inches per year we're doing great! My sheep are mainly grazing on moist brush and doing excellent!

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