Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Freedom of Speech

Family issues continue to be troublesome. I've had several relatives email me with disappointment and frustration in regards to me blogging about it.

I truly believe that blogging about my good days and bad is only normal and also therapeutic. No one needs to read my blog if they don't want to! And I'm also very thankful for my blogger friends who have given me advice and support through all of this.

It may not be as bad as I originally believed but it still is emotionally damaging to me and my trust with my family has all but been broken due to the nature of how they have handled this.

I guess for any further correspondence about it for the time being you will have to email me privately to know what new and recent events have happened.


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susan said...

I think that if more people were to recognize that they are not alone in their troubles, and to hear how others have made it through similar situations, is of more good than harm.

My parents generation never shared the troubles and hardships that they had with us childeren, so now when we reach those same milestones and road blocks in life, we have no clue what to do or why we ended up were we are.

If more of your family member read your blog they may have more of a clue as to what is going on in your life and what your plans are.

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