Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sleepy BFLs and a few Shetlands....

I had a couple of moments before chores to take some photos of the girls (and boys) in the pasture. It is surely drying up fast with NO rain in weeks...and coming off of a drought last two summers is not a good thing. I can't remember when its been so dry so early. Not good for rotational grazing! The pastures yet to be grazed are still lush and green, but they are not growing back after I move them off of the old ones....that makes me a lot.

Enjoy the photos below.

Potosi Llandewwi is shown here stretched out enjoying the sun with a fellow sun fan in the form of Terah, who is Black Forest Tilly's daughter out of UnderTheSon Arapaho. Llandewwi loves the sun ...can you tell?

Cross Wind Clover is resting in the sun.
And now she is trying to sleep......

This is Lot, out of Jazz and Lavender. He is just stunning. Several people have inquired about him so wanted to show a newer photo.
Family photo of Minwawe Flopsy with her spotted katmoget ewe lamb Faith and the rear of her son Fortunatus. Several people have shown interest in both (but the girl is NFS) so wanted to show Fortunatus' rear. His fleece is way better than his sisters.
A photo of Flopsy's nice rear and tail. She is now going through the rise :)

Above is my F1 Jamie black ram lamb named Levi. Notice the lack of horns? :) The ram lamb gray katmoget WITH horns is my F1 Holly boy Caiphus. His mother Justalit'l Chloe is behind him. To their front is Rachel, an F2 Timothy girl out of Barish. She is staying too.
Underhill Peep and her musket ram lamb out of Heights Orion. He is 75% UK. and his horns are still less than an inch long at nearly three months of age.
Underhill Ulla gave me two stunning ram lambs this year out of Minder. She is going to be AI'ed again this fall.
This is Underhill Peep, a musket F2 Greyling, F2 Jamie. She's a love. Behind her is River Oaks Lucy who is linebred on Dillon. Both girls have proven their poll carrier abilities when bred to horned rams last fall via AI. I'm thinking of using both again in AI this fall.

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