Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Summer dolldrums

Its hot. And muggy. This Scandinavian boy can't take the heat! Ideal temps for working are 60-65 for me with a blue sky, low humidity and slight breeze. Fall is my favorite time of year as these are the days when this ideal setting takes place. You can work all day and not break a sweat!

Unfortunately now, with the high 80's for temps and super high humidity most of the day is pretty worthless...The animals don't want to do much, so its hard to evaluate lambs. The dogs are too hot to play and spend a lot of time napping.

Today we had a huge thunderstorm go through the area and we got another inch of rain. In the past week we've had over 7 inches of rain and having had zero for nearly 6 weeks prior to that, everything is getting green again and growing FAST in this heat. I'm excited for the pastures to grow again.

I'm going through another revision of the 'for sale' list. Several animals that I intended to keep will be placed on it now. I never put something on the for sale list that I do not want to sell. I detach myself from them emotionally so its not so hard to see them go. I always weigh all my options and then place on them on the list. Never have I gone back on a sale. I think its bad business. Never have I changed my mind or wanted to sell other animals in their place. If I'd do that people would stop coming to me for stock.

Sometimes the animals come off the list as I don't think they are of breeding quality any longer and get sold as fiber animals or pets or get put in the freezer. If I wouldn't keep it for myself, I wouldn't sell it. I guess that's just how I think. ;)

Now that I've been in the sheep for three lambing seasons I seem to have a better idea of what I 'need' or 'want' in a sheep. I'm being much more picky in animals that I want to purchase and truly believe most of my nicest stuff will come from within my own flock at this point, with the exception of perhaps a few select individuals. And knowing the parents of each lamb and watching each lamb grow every year gives me a better idea of what to expect from them when they lamb or when they sire lambs, versus an 'unknown' knew line or animal.

Excitement is building for the F1s that I have and several gorgeous Jazz ram lambs that I've already sold to folks. Its a good feeling to know that my breeding efforts are being recognized :)


Somerhill said...

I'm with you, Garrett. Your perfect weather sounds perfect to me! I hate HHH weather!

Carol B. said...

Green grass alwyas makes a shepherd glad. And I am glad to hear that your drought is over.

Juliann said...

I love the heat and humidity, but you're right it is hard to go out and work in.
I don't like it when people back out of sales, but what I REALLY hate is when people commit to purchasing a sheep and then back out, sometimes months later! That steams my beans.
So do you have anything for me this year? ;) How are those polled boys coming along?

Becky Utecht said...

Hopefully the weather will improve a little Garrett. I know my sheep are not happy in this hot humid weather. I worry more about them in the heat than I do in the cold. We've gotten some rain recently too, but not as much as you. Now our hay guy is waiting for a dry spell to cut our hay. Here's hoping for greener pastures all around!

Kathy said...

Try being a Scandinavian in the 7,000 ft. fry-you-through-your-clothes Arizona sun! Oi! Uff Da!!!! I was not made for all this sunshine. Even though our humidity is low, that high altitude sun will bake your brains, quickly. I keep trying to instill the idea of moving when Ralph retires in a few years.

Your comments about choosing animals are spot-on, Garrett. As breeders and custodians of this breed, we have to strive to keep the breed to its standard. Unfortunately that means a lot of nice sheep with big, brown eyes and eyelashes have to be let go. It's hard. I don't like "culling" at all. And by culling I don't necessarily mean killing here - just picking and choosing who stays gives me a small inkling of what God must go through.
Hugs from a bit to the south and west...

Juliann said...

Hey turkey!
Let's see that sales list!!!



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