Thursday, June 11, 2009

A few photos from today

Its kinda fun going out to take pictures.....I never find the same sheep to take photos of!! :)

Here is WhitePine Lydia, an F2 Orion, F2 Jericho, F3 Drum ram etc etc. She is 76% UK. My highest % ewe so far. She is just breathtaking!

Part of the 'flock' grazing. The two BFL are Beechtree Kiloran and Potosi Llandewi.The BFL tend to stick together it seems. Here is Crosswind Clover, Beechtree Kiloran and Potosi Llandewi
Suzanne up in AK has told me I get to keep this spotted beauty! WOHOO! here she is "WhitePine Salome" with her mom Sheltering Pines Snow Cloud. She is out of Wintertime Jazz and has very crimpy fleece!
My F1 Orion fawn ewe lamb named WhitePine Eve. She is out of Heights Orion and FirthofFifth Evidence of Autumn. She looks like she'll be more intermediate in fleece length but still very crimpy.
Sommarang Eva, a gorgeous black flecket. She is F2 Minder.
Justalit'l Shasta an Ag smirslet fleckt (F2 Gordon) with her sons (out of Campaign Timothy) laying in the grass. Shasta is for sale :) Her black son is scurred, her Ag gray ram is normal horned (and boy are they big!)


Nancy K. said...

What a beautiful picture of Lydia, Garrett! She looks like a figurine standing on that giant log...

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Now how did you manage THAT? With all her ewe lambs this year, did Suzanne take pity on you?

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