Monday, January 26, 2009

2009 Sheep Goals

I'm going through my blog and all the old posts...(who has time to do that, right?)

These were the goals I listed for 2008:
1. find a moorit based ram with UK genetics
2. acquire a few more gulmoget ewes/rams for my flock
3. AI ewes that best complimented the UK rams I have straws of
4. Continue with my fine-fleece program, while adding more pattern to my flock

Let's see. #1. Well I found a moorit ram with some UK genetics. He wasn't as soft as I had hoped, so I'm hoping that I get a knock out boy from Orion or Jamie straws that I used on quite a few ewes to.

#2. I did obtain two more ewes so I now have 3 gulmoget ewes.
#3. I did AI ewes, and it was much cheaper than I thought!
#4. I am continuing with my fine-fleeced program and will continue to do so.

New Goals for 2009:
1. Find a softer moorit ram (hopefully from my AI lambs!)
2. Have a gulmoget ram born that is ultra fine (or find one!)
3. Push for importing of new Shetland ram semen to use in 2010 in my next AI
4. Continue to keep only my softest ewes that also have correct conformation and colors.
5. Move many of my "B" class ewes to the crossbreeding program and use the Bluefaced Leicester ram on them to get Mules in spring 2010.

I am currently sitting at 34 Shetland ewes, both mature and yearlings. I am planning on cutting back to only breeding 20-25 Shetland ewes/ewe lambs next fall depending on quality of fleece/structure and the remaining ewes, if they go unsold, will more than likely stay to make Mules in Goal #5.

I also have 6 BFL ewes that I will continue to keep as a nucleus flock for purebred BFLs and can hopefully sell some locally for either the 3-tier program or for market.

What are your goals? Mine are known to change slightly but I feel that if you don't have goals, both short term and long term, you will not succeed.

Just look at how fast Carol Bator at Zephyr got to her goals and those were her long term goals that were met in less than a few years!

My long term goals are the following:
Breeding a line of Shetland Sheep and a flock that is know for its fine fleece, UK type, sound in structure, healthy, vigorous sheep.
Promoting the Shetland for their fine fleece and hardiness and being able to have a niche market here selling their fleeces and breeding stock.
Promoting the BFL in this area and becoming successful in selling ram lambs as crossing sires and selling ewe lambs as replacement ewes for purebred flocks.
Being able to make a difference in both breeds for the better.
Having my sheep do the talking, rather than words on a blog :)


Sabrina Wille Erickson said...


It is nice to see your goals. We must have been on the same wavelength last night because I was pondering my purposes as well.

I'm glad you met your 08 goals. Good for you!

Juliann said...

Great idea Garrett! My 2009 goals will be forthcoming...

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