Saturday, January 24, 2009

water in barn

so my dad informed me yesterday that BOTH lines coming in from the well, into the barn were froze...........and that there was no water for the animals IN the barn, or the cows outside.

So I took 5 gallon pails full of snow and brought in for the sheep, which they appreciated and brought some for the ducks/geese too.

this morning my dad calls to tell me he went into the barn and there was 2-3 inches of water/ice throughout the entire barn as he had left one of the faucets open all night and the line thawed in the meantime.


AND I wanted to clean the barn OUT to prepare for'll be here before you know it! So now my DAD is going to go buy ice melt so we can get the ice out and cleaned.

its always something



Kim Nikolai said...

Oh, I feel for you guys. It will be a tough job for sure to clean up. Take care of yourselves and keep warm!

Good luck!

kristi said...

All I gotta say is that really sucks. I carry out HOT water every morning & evening for the sheep & goats....they love it!! My water line was never frozen....thank goodness. Hope all gets better for you:)

Sharrie said...

Water lines can be a real headache. I hope your clean up goes well. Frozen water lines can cause problems that no one can imagine would happen.
Good luck!

Rayna said...

Ours is froze too :(

Becky Utecht said...

Oh man, what a bummer Garrett! Good luck getting the ice out and getting ready the barn for lambing. Let's hope for an early spring this year.

Jinnie said...

Blessed be to farmers! A job I appreciate but never want. We lived on a little farm in NC from the time I was 11-15 and it made me love and appreciate farms but know it isn't in my nature to be a farmer.

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