Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ewes available.....

I sat long and hard today out in the flock and made some tough realizations and decisions.

I've decided I'm willing to sell two ewe lambs (going on yearlings) that have been exposed to FirthofFifth Barish.

White Pine Sheridan is a intermediate fleeced black ewe lamb that was born with a smirslet marking. Sire is Wintertime Jazz AI and Dam is Justalit'l Shasta. I'm working towards finer fleece and single coats and I feel she will lack in this department. However with that being said she is extremely correct, solid ewe lamb. She should, if bred, lamb with a grey katmoget or solid black lamb. No guarantee she is bred, but if she is, she is due April 20th-May 21st. $200. Micron report available upon request. SALE PENDING

White Pine Westminster. Intermediate grey katmoget smirslet. She had a wide blaze when born which has now faded. Sire is Wintertime Jazz AI and Dam is LittleRedOak Wren. She carries moorit and will throw spots! Exposed to FirthofFifth Barish and should lamb with a solid black or grey katmoget. Could be homozygous katmoget lamb. NO guarantee on breeding, however was exposed to lamb April 20th-May 21st. $250. She is a little smaller than Sheridan but is correct in stucture.

White Pine Denver is a black smirslet intermediate fleeced lamb that was left open this year. She is a dainty, small framed, small in stature ewe lamb. Sire is FirthofFifth Barish and dam is Minwawe Dixie Up. She reminds me more of the domestic Shetlands so feel that I can move her out. $150 SALE PENDING

All three have soft handle, just are higher in microns and more intermediate in fleece than I"d like to see. I'd be willing to sell all three as a package deal for $500 plus transporting fees.

Also have three ewes available for sale after lambs are born, if lamb is ram lamb:

BonoCreek Lavender Brown was rebred to Wintertime Jazz. In 2008 she produced a shaeal ram lamb with perfect round horns. Lavender is a dark fawn, proven ewe. if with a ram lamb, will be available. Lavi is more intermediate in fleece. microns available.

FirthofFifth Rooibos is a fawn ewe that is rebred to Wintertime Jazz. Her daughter last year went to good friend Stephen at Sheltering Pines. If she has a ram lamb, they will be available as a pair. she is more intermediate in fleece. microns available.

Minwawe Sterling - black krunet ewe. She produced my SOFTEST, NICEST, SPOTTED katmoget EWE lamb last year! I bred her back to Wintertime Jazz hoping for another ewe lamb this year. If she lambs with a ram, she will be available for sale. She is a small ewe (65 pounds mature) and not the best conformationally but she has proven her worth as a producer.

Please email me privately if you are intersted in the ewe lambs or being put on the waiting list for any of the ewes.

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