Sunday, January 11, 2009

More photos from St Paul

Well we didn't win any points at the St Paul show (for those that were asking) but I did happen to get a few good photos of my good friends from Ohio! I think it was worth their trip! Read on!

Here is Ferris Beashau with her black bitch Roshambo (Rosha) who went WB,BOW, and BOB for a 5 point major under Mr Hartinger. His wife, Mrs Hartinger liked Rosha enough to make the cut before final Group Placings! Congrats you guys!

Another photo...I was a ways away so they aren't the greatest)

Here is Ferris and Rosha and my friend Tammy Johnston with her Pembroke. I believe she was BOB both days as well from the classes with her bitch. A good weekend for Corgi people!

Cynthia Banazak saw this photo and just laughed but she tends to fall asleep quite abruptly. No wonder her back is so sore! Look at the way she is laying!

Here is the Beaszak crew Cynthia, Emily, Picasso, Ferris and JoAnne. Picasso is shown here with his Group 1/BISS ribbon from the Friday North Star Herding Group Club Specialty! Congrats you guys! Picasso was ranked #4 for the year in Cardigans overall. Rosha the black bitch from the first two photos is a full sister, from a repeat breeding. I'd think the match clicked ;)


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...
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Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

And I didn't even know that Corgis come in black and white (no tan)! Of course, a lot of people don't know that Aussies come in black and white, too -- or anything but merle, actually....

Rayna said...

OMG that merle on the bottom is GORGEOUS!

Yeah, lots of people who see black/white Aussies think they're border collies...or b/w Shelties are long haired border

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